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Friday, October 12, 2012

Sinau Bareng

October 12, 2012 // by afurqannn // , , , // 2 comments

Sinau Bareng, an independent movement by several youngsters in Malang. The program is purposed to help student’s problem about school lessons and  also to stimulate children to be interested in studying. By conducting the program everyday at about 18.00, sinau bareng has helped many students doing their homework, also answering things they can’t probably ask to a teacher. The volunteers, whom I might say as a teachers or even friends to the students are mostly college students. Besides, some are workers who are willing to spend their leisure time with children.

Until now, about 36 children are consistently joining the program with about 10 teachers. The students are divided into three groups based on school grade, pre-school, elementary school, and junior high school. The class are now located in Klojen, Malang after the first place was hauled by government.  There are many reasons why the program is continued, one of those is because there still a chance to help.


  1. Many same activities are held in Jakarta too. I wonder if I could take pictures of them.

  2. yep of course, the problem is we have been moving three times krn masalah tempat mas.
    msh serba acak2an krn formasi yg udah trtata rapi hrs ditata kmbali hehehehe