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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jakarta; hands up heads down!

March 13, 2012 // by afurqannn // , , // 2 comments

I have been visiting Jakarta this past month in the effort of pursuing a life, work, future, chance, opportunity, and experience. I’m not surprised by how the city will treat a newcomer like me, my memories of Arema Indonesia tour Batavia 2010 created a strong impression between Jakarta and hard life. That journey when young and restless people like me saw how big Jakarta was the first time I thought of myself that Jakarta is a city with big promises, but it turned up by the shocking scene behind a tall huge wall in which you may make a BIG SALE for your big dreams. The struggle may end up in the railway from Jatinegara to Pasar Senen, which becomes a welcoming scene of Jakarta from the train window. And that day when I first came to Jakarta I promise myself to get back there and smell its