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Friday, January 4, 2013

LUCKY 100 in Tengger

January 04, 2013 // by afurqannn // , , , , , , , , , // 2 comments

It was a cloudy Saturday (12/15) when I, Boljug and AndiBlidz went to visit Jarak Ijo village in Tengger mountain range. We had decided to visit the village one week earlier to find some information about Unan-unan, a traditional ritual which will be held at the end of the 2012.

It was fun even we should ride trough little rain from Malang to Jarak Ijo. The visit to Tengger always fascinates me, its amazing view, fresh air, and the hospitable and friendly people. So, I decided to spend one roll of Lucky SHD 100 to take the photograph of both villages, Jarak Ijo and Ngadas. I wished that the weather would be a little bit cloudy. Fortunately, the weather was perfect as I expected. So, here they are, several frames I took in Jarak Ijo using 35mm lens and Lucky SHD 100.