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Monday, August 8, 2011


August 08, 2011 // by afurqannn // , , // 4 comments

"nature is truth, and you got to see it with a wide naked eyes open"


As the native of Indonesia, I don’t really know what “Semeru” means. But that’s not important because whatever the name, its beauty has been poisoning my eyes first since I stepped my foot on its edge. the feeling of tired-caused-of-walking and climbing up the hills-for three hours was answered by the view in front of my eyes. I walk to the lake called “Ranu Kumbolo” and again, I don’t know what the name means (*sucks). The view is so pure, fresh, nature, and truth (“nature is truth”) now I understand why people are crazy about the beauty of nature, because once it poisons your eyes, it will attack your brain! And you’re brainwashed by its beauty!